Statement of Principles

At Graham and Shouldice, we value our colleagues, staff, clients, and their families; we strive to create an atmosphere of inclusion. Toward that end, we have prepared a brief statement of general principles aimed at promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion in our professional dealings, as follows:

  1. We recognize both visible and invisible minorities exist, and are determined to strive for recognition of the unique needs of our colleagues and clients;
    1. Examples of visible minorities include—but are not limited to—racialized persons and persons with physical disabilities or impairments;
    2. Examples of invisible minorities include—but are not limited to—persons belonging to the GLBTTQQ+ community and persons with health challenges (e.g., epilepsy or mental health challenges);
  2. We believe in, and promote respect for, all persons’ human rights and dignity and are dedicated to addressing all forms of discrimination and (un)conscious bias we encounter in our dealings with diverse populations;
  3. We aim to develop best practices to prevent direct and systemic discrimination and offer a safe and inclusive environment.